Victor Bongiovanni


Victor is good up and coming producer from Montreal. I got the chance to speak to him about what’s been going on music wise. The bass heavy R&B fusion brand of House he’s adopted is really starting to ring in peoples ears.


What’s your name, where do you live, and how’s it going?

Victor Bongiovanni. I’ve been living in Montreal for the past 6 years. I’m doing great.

How did you get started in production? Where did the interest in electronic music come from?

I was in a couple different bands with some of my best friends when I was a teenager. We used to record our tracks on Garage Band and kept thinking they were the next big thing. I got Ableton some time during my last year of high school and that’s when I started recording and producing “properly”. At the first parties I can remember, fueled by candy and Coca Cola, we would play a lot of the french touch hits that were playing on the radio around that time, along with a healthy dose of Sandstorm by Darude and Freed From Desire by Gala. That’s definitely were I got my first taste of electronic music.

Tell us a little about what’s new and what’s been going on for you?

I’m moving to Munich from Montreal and I actually can’t wait to be back in Europe. I have a couple different projects in the works, a lot of them with vocalists. I discovered recently how much fun it is to work with vocalists and I might be concentrating on that for a while. Other than that i’m working on a house music EP that should be ready very soon.

You’ve worked with the singer Tom Lemann a bunch. Any future plans with this project?

Yes! We’re releasing an EP i’m very excited about on BootyBakery in the next couple of months.

Montreal’s music scene seems to be growing a steady pace. Who are some or your favorite Montreal artist or artists in general?

I’m really feeling Iron Galaxy at the moment. He has been making some beautiful music lately. I had the pleasure to be able to listen to some of Prison Garde’s material that is equally amazing.

What has been your favorite gig to date?

We used to have a monthly disco party at Velvet Speakeasy called Confessions. That was out of control. We had burlesque performers running around on rollerblades. Unfortunately one of the DJs (Thomas Promise) had to move back to British Columbia and we decided to bring the parties to a halt.

Everyone is always interested in the production process. How do you like to cultivate your tracks? What are some sources of inspiration?

I have this thing where whatever it is that I listened to before making music, it can be heard in some way in what i’m making. Sometimes that can be a little problematic. So I’m careful about what I listen to before sitting down in the studio. In terms of production, my methods aren’t anything new or special. I record instruments as much as I can and jam until I find something I like and work around it.

Last Words?


Elliott MacDonald

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