Tres Puntos

What’s your name, where do you live, and how’s it going?

My name is Michael Lindlmaier, I am 28 years old and I live in Rosenheim near Munich, everything is great.

How did you get started in production? Where did the interest in electronic music come from?

I started listening to electronic music early on. My older brother listened to techno or trance every day. I love the power and energy of the genre. I started DJ’ing at the age of 23. My good friend Pele was at that time quite a few years in to the business. He showed me the basics of Ableton Live and then we produced the Zweifach EP in 2011. It reflects both our characters perfectly. The playful house music side of Pele and my straight techno influence.

Tell us a little about what’s new and what’s been going on for you?

My previous releases were for Falkplatz and Slim Audio. These were more in the direction of Deep House and Tech House. My last EP was exactly the music I prefer and I like to play. It is a project with only releases as unknown artist. The music is the centre point and not the artist. The vinyl was sold out within 2 days but nobody knows who produced it, only some artists who get the promo directly from me. Some label owners got the promo and ask me if I’d like to produce an EP for there labels. That’s my next projects but I can´t tell you about this now! You’ll get more information soon!

Your Zweifach EP with Pele was a pleasure to listen to. Do you plan on working with Pele on future projects?

Yes we do. We share a studio in Rosenheim and we often talk about a new project together.

Tres Puntos is a very interesting name. Tres Puntos is a tattoo formed by three dots in a triangular formation located on the web of the hand between the thumb and index finger. The three dots stand for “Mi vida loca” or “My crazy life”. What is your symbolism behind the name?

I think my life is definitely crazy, but Tres Puntos describes in the first line several other things. I like different types of electronic music and, Ishow as Tres Puntos my three faces. The first face is the easy to listen part of house music, which nevertheless has a driving backbone. The second one is more techno like rave to bring the crowd to a climax. The third face is rather experimental and very dark techno.

Germany is held in very high esteem when it comes to electronic music. Who are some or your favorite German artist or artists in general?

Marcel Fengler, Function, Luke Slater, Oliver Deutschmann, Donnato Dozzy, Dasha Rush…

What are your feeling on GEMA and its affect on nightlife in Germany? (performance rights organisation in Germany.)

They destroy the nightlife in germany with their new plans.

Who are some up and coming German artists we should be on the look-out for?

Marcel Fengler, has established a very good reputation and is rising up in the next few years in the league of a Marcel Dettmann and Ben Klock.

What has been your favorite gig to date?

That is a very difficult question. I think every gig is a special one…

Everyone is always interested in the production process. What is the one piece of equipment you can’t live with out?

I work most of the time with samples and change them beyond recognition. My kick is actually getting an 808 kick. For me there is nothing better. The rest in my tracks must have a certain structure and be harmonious with each other. In addition, I use the analog synthesizer “Mopho” by Dave Smith and sometimes a 909 of a good friend.

Last Words?

I hope you know a little bit more about me now and I am looking forward to playing in Canada. Enjoy the mix I’ve made for you.

Elliott MacDonald

Founder and editor in chief of The Strathcona Publication. I grew up in a neighbourhood called Strathcona in Vancouver on the North side of Hastings Ave. It was colourful, and vibrant with all kinds of inspiring experiences. This is my tribute to Strathcona.

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