Salam Kahil – The Sandwich Nazi

If you are opposed to foul language, nudity, and hilarious stories this isn’t for you. Salam Kahil, sandwich shop owner, former mechanical engineer, former male escort and chronic masturbating blow job enthusiast is an interesting guy. Known around Vancouver as the sandwich nazi, a satirical reference to the famous Seinfeld ‘Soup Nazi’ episode, Salam is a outspoken member of his community and somebody who is a contributor. Produced by filmmaker Lewis Bennet the sandwich nazi is a taste of what is to be a feature length documentary.

His infectious story telling is terrifying and compelling and his awareness of his surroundings are kind of uncommon. You can’t buy this kind of character, and not many people are able to get away with behaviour like this while still garnering a sense likeness. His views are far left wing and not many people will agree with his brash opinions, but for some reason he seems to make sense and people fucking love his sandwiches.

Elliott MacDonald

Founder and editor in chief of The Strathcona Publication. I grew up in a neighbourhood called Strathcona in Vancouver on the North side of Hastings Ave. It was colourful, and vibrant with all kinds of inspiring experiences. This is my tribute to Strathcona.


  • Reply April 26, 2014

    Salam Kahil

    I wish I could do more for my community
    I am, just, in love with poor people

  • Reply April 29, 2014


    I am thankful for your meat and cheese.. and I am poor 😉 lol

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