SSDD ( Same Shit Different Day ) a diffusion line of FUCT ( Friends you Can’t Trust ) Erik Brunetti’s iconic street wear brand has released their ss14 lookbook. When I say iconic I mean it. Fuct debuted in 1990 in the era of all things good like Wu Tang, Larry Clarks Kids, and Zoo York Mixtape. He’s been at his craft for a long time, but doesn’t dwell on his impact on having opened the floodgates to crossing language boundaries (swearing and vulgarity on clothing) and considers himself first and foremost an artist, not a super impactful part of fashion. The line is extra classy, very military inspired, and the nice embroidery is paramount. Erik Brunetti also released a book on 20 years of FUCT which is also worth looking at. If you want to look gentlemanly and impressive and all that stuff go out and get FUCT.

Elliott MacDonald

Founder and editor in chief of The Strathcona Publication. I grew up in a neighbourhood called Strathcona in Vancouver on the North side of Hastings Ave. It was colourful, and vibrant with all kinds of inspiring experiences. This is my tribute to Strathcona.

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