Nate LaCoste

I’ve known Nate for the better part of sixteen years. Growing up pretty close we always rode skateboards and dreamed of one day getting a board with our name on it. Nathan recently realized that dream and has turned pro for Roger Skateboards. We’re all super happy, and very proud of him. All of that aside he’s not only grown up on a skateboard but I’ve watched him grow as an artist and individual . It all started on a beach in Vancouver selling small paintings for beer money and progressed into art shows in galleries in Vancouver and most recently, international group shows in Philadelphia PA, with Michael Sieben.

What’s your name, where do you live, and how’s it going?

Nathaneil-Levi Lacoste, I was Born in Vancouver, BC but am currently exploring the option of living as an artist in the U.S. I am doing really well. thanks.

Tell us a little about what’s new and what’s been going on for you?

I’m not sure where to start, things are moving really fast for me right now. I am usually pretty grounded, but there are several paths that my life is taking simultaneously and its hard to pin point what to talk about. The most important for me personally is turning pro for Roger Skateboards. That has been a child hood dream of mine; and it’s a total honor to be riding for a company like Roger. Its a blessing really. Micheal Sieben (Roger Skateboards owner/art director) and I had a show at EXIT gallery in Philadelphia, which was awesome. It was my second time showing with Sieben, his shit is rad. Been on a couple catalogue shoots with Urban Outfitters this winter as well, which has been interesting.

You’ve been traveling a bunch. Which cities have really stood out to you for having a really good art scene?

Yeah, it’s been crazy, I have been to Austin, Philly, New York, SF, LA, and Hawaii in the last 6 months usually staying around 3 weeks or so at each place. It’s been wild, but each place has its own thing going on. I have spent the most time in Philly, and it has a really unique feeling. I like it here.

How has growing up skateboarding and traveling affected your creative side?

Both are essential to my wellbeing and definitely play a part in what I am creating at the time. In Austin I was really affected by the colors, landscape and physical geography of the area. Hawaii was humbling. As well, I spent 3 weeks camping and backpacking all over Kauai. It’s all relevant/positive.

Do you ever draw any inspiration from old skateboard graphics? Have skateboard graphics been something in particular that drew you in creatively?

I think maybe skateboard graphics influenced my earlier sketchbooks, and impacted what I was interested when I was younger. I still feel there are ties, and I am still drawn to the design elements that those companies embody.

How was your recent art show in Philadelphia? What were some of the highlights?

It was awesome, I think it was well received and I couldn’t be happier with the turn out. Some of the high lights were: getting drunk with my friends, having Jeremy at Exit not
get bummed on anything, selling some older prints, having Urban Outfitters advertise for us on their Blog, buying 2 more 30 packs after the first 6 cases were drank, and basically just having a really fun night.

How do you think your art has evolved since the beginnings, and has art school been a major influence on your change?

There is an obvious evolution of influence, style, and direction my work has taken since leaving art school. I originally started out thinking i was going to be really into painting, and two-dimensional work, but after my first sculpture class I was completely floored and immediately interested in only sculpture, or what sculpture to me represents. Now all my paintings and drawings have a sculptural influence to them, especially the way they are presented in a gallery setting.

Tell us a good story, or something that’s recently happened on the road

The best stories will always remain with the people that were there to experience them.

Last Words

Thank you everyone who continues to support me, and love me. Be kind to animals.

Elliott MacDonald

Founder and editor in chief of The Strathcona Publication. I grew up in a neighbourhood called Strathcona in Vancouver on the North side of Hastings Ave. It was colourful, and vibrant with all kinds of inspiring experiences. This is my tribute to Strathcona.

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