Marie Claire x Skater Chic

Blogger Nellie Eden is giving young brit girls a quick lesson in fitting the male skateboard arm accessory status quo in this blog at Marie Claire Magazine. It’s actually gone slightly viral with 2.4k likes on Facebook and acts as testament to all things funny. It degrades the female skateboarder and well doesn’t give any realistic insight of how you should dress should you come to a skateboard contest where contestants will most likely completely overlook you anyways. One response quotes “No typical skateboarder will ever be even remotely interested in a girl who owns a skateboard as a fucking fashion item.” this is more than probably true. Another guy writes “You’ll never find so many guys in one place that actually don’t care about women. Especially if those women follow these ignorant fashion tips.”

It’s always funny to find these kinds of articles written by dumb witted fashion blog contributors speaking on something they are actually clueless about based on their trend research. Hopefully the editor re-thinks these things in the future.

“it’s the only fashion party we’ve been to where there were more straight males than gay men or women. In fact, we had to push through the boys’ queue as we glided on through to the women’s toilets. This is officially a first.” What the fuck does this even mean?

you can enjoy the whole halfwit read here.

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