The Devil’s Toy Remix

Montreal, 1965. Handheld, Claude Jutra fulfills one of the first films in skateboarding: The Devil’s Toy. A True pioneer of direct cinema, Jutra has not only created a film dedicated to the “victims of intolerance,” as he announces in the opening. In fact, the film has really paved the way filmmakers skate.

Skate culture has always embodied the youth and desire to rebel. The Devil’s Toy remix also defies convention by rejecting traditional ways to tell and consume stories. Fourteen filmmakers worldwide to the original film Jutra are appropriate and reinterpreted. Sail from one film to another and discover the evolution of skate culture through the camera of each of these filmmakers.

The Devil’s Toy remix is a tribute to the original film by Claude Jutra. This collective project invites us to rediscover the skate culture through unique and current views of skaters, filmmakers and web developers. Stroll to South Africa to Los Angeles, passing through Serbia and Montreal sixties with an innovative interactive navigation. You also contribute to the project by taking pictures and video Instagram that represent your vision skate with the #devilstoy.

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